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And here is that slightly NSFW Nero photoshoot I mentioned earlier. 


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WELP!! It's about that time again. And you know I do so love having my picture taken. ;)

Here are some photos of my Nero cosplay. Proper photos, with posing and dramatic settings and all that awesome stuff. YEAH! >:)

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Wheeee. So... that's the first set. There is a second set, but that's a little NSFW, so I will put them up in a separate post.

A MILLION, BAZILLION thank-yous to [personal profile] creatoremagico for once again being an amazing director and photographer. Where would my ego be without you? ;P <333

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It occurs to me that I have been posting all these progress updates and not really any reference pics for you guys. So... here is another update, complete with refs. :D Yaye.

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Wooo. Got a lot of work done on Nero's arm this weekend. Got the top forearm plates done, the under-scales repositioned, the elbow-horn attached and finally the hand/finger plates. And those were by far the hardest. BUT WORTH IT OMG!!!

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So, remember how I mentioned those magic wands wot I made out of nothing but chopsticks, hot glue and acrylic paint?

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Wheeeee, more Devil Bringer Progress.

This week... The Elbow Horn.

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So far at work I've been told I "talk really posh", and that I look like a lawyer or a rockstar.

These are good things, yes? o_0
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So I've been working on cosplay today. Excite. :D A follow-up from this post.

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So... not only had the girl who served me my Mocha today drawn an adorable picture of a car on the promo card she gave me, but after I'd paid and was about to leave, she legit gave me the Vulcan hand sign and said "Live long and prosper."

Man. That mocha tasted of GEEK!!! And it was WONDERFUL!!! X333
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It’s so nice when stall vendors are willing to chat with you and share awesome stories with you and then ultimately end up giving you free candy and tea. Today is off to an AWESOME start. :D
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