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Okay, Sallie. I know we're happy that this year we get to buy Christmas gifts.

But like


on the money spending.

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I do not like the sound of strong winds because I get irrational fears that the walls of the house will blow down.
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So I work in a shop, btw. Today there were two customer interactions that stick with me most. Oddly enough both involve parenting.

Scenario 1:
Young woman, prob my age is walking around the store with her little girl. Little girl asks for sweets. Her mum tells her how they are terribly disgusting, covered in flies and they must tell the shop staff about it because it's so awful. As they go around girl keeps asking for sweets and variations on this are told to her. In one, mum says she has been warned by shop staff about how very disgusting they are already.

I totally get: a) we have chocolate at home, b) you don't like chocolate, c) you're lactose intolerant, d) we can't afford it, e) we have no time/ money right now, f) it's bad for you... Seriously, concocting a big lie like that gets to me. Also I know from experience that a total ban of certain foods is really unhealthy for people and can lead to a really awful eating disorder. Plus it's just impractical and time wasting.

Scenario 2:
A woman and her little girl are at the self checkouts and I come over to approve something. Daughter: "look mum, those are the kind of nails I want to have!"
Mum: "ooh, yes, different colours! And look at her hair! That's so lovely!"

I actually get way more compliments from customers than I do from colleagues, so that wasn't what struck me although very nice. This mum is actually encouraging her daughter to lead her own thought process about how she wants to look. Not only that but alternative looks are OK, even desirable. Nowhere was it said or even implied that she was too young.
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I'm really mad because at the moment my sleep pattern just like... makes me miss out on all the people.

I haven't been able to talk to my Narti in like MONTHS and I'm terrible. And this is partly time zones and stuff, but I STILL FEEL LIKE every time she's around I am just going to appointments or just fell asleep on my keyboard and she must hate me T_T (Note: She does not hate me. But I hate this situation)

I need to email like Kinks and Katie and many others to keep in touch but I just. Cannot. Brain. The writing. And its annoying and I wish I had things to like write and tell them?? BUT I DON'T???? Because coming out of bad blip its like "I did nothing but I stood up for like a full half hour today, aint that great?"

The real life people in my life are very forgiving of my CFS/ME going on, but I feel badly because I am awake most when they're like "WELP. Bed time" and then I sit up feeling alone and grumpy. At least they came come to my house and poke me awake but I will still go nap and STILL feel boring just lying on the couch unable to do shit. And I always feel that even though they KNOW the illness they will be like "... lazy cunt".
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So in doing some christmas shopping (because we are very on top of our lives) I had to buy things for friends' daughters and my own nieces and I was like "MAN. SLYVANIAN FAMILIES SURE WAS A THING."

And I bought some for gifts.

And God now the nostalgia is STRONG in me.

And the cats and dogs and goats and rabbits and EVERYTHING is so cute. BUT ALSO. DID YOU KNOW. THAT NOW. THEY DO. RED FUCKING PANDA FAMILY????

*crams fist into mouth*
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Also to add to my mood; Teenagers on tumblr will literally make me shit out my mouth sometimes.
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I am almost 33 years old.

I am allowed to have my friends over whenever I want and for as long as I want, and allowed to put off my family from coming over and doing odd jobs that don't need to be done.

And I am allowed to do it and not be fucking guilt tripped for it.

Especially when during my 30th year of life I barely saw ANY friends.


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