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It occurs to me that I have been posting all these progress updates and not really any reference pics for you guys. So... here is another update, complete with refs. :D Yaye.

Alright, so. This is Nero.

Ain't he pretty? X333

Notice his freaky demonic arm? Here's some close-ups.

Also, in that last close-up, notice how on his left hand he is wearing 2 rings and a leather wrist band?

Woop woop. Ring shot.

Eeeee, look!!!

The rings are made out of Fimo clay. The one on my index finger was made for me by a wonderful friend for my birthday, and I made the one on my ring finger a couple of weeks ago. :D They still need to be glossed, but I'm happy with them. :D

Now. You probably noticed also that Nero has a BIG SWORD. Her name is Red Queen and she is GORGEOUS!!! Alas... I haven't had the time or confidence to try and make her this time 'round, but she will be a project for another time.

HOWEVER!!! As well as Red Queen, Nero also has a gun - Blue Rose. And HER? I CAN make.

Look how pretty she is.

She is a double-barrelled revolver and she's so shiny. <333 Now, obviously, double-barrelled revolvers don't exist in real life, so in terms of making her it was a pretty straight-forward case of getting hold of a toy revolver and, well... adding a second barrel.

And... voila...

(My room is a mess pls ignore. :\) I used cardboard and craft foam and got it done in about 40 minutes last night. It's not perfect, but meh. I'm satisfied. So yes. All she needs is to be painted and decorated and she's good to go.

And finally... I added the claws to Nero's Devil Bringer (his demon arm).

Now all I need to do is latex, texture and paint it and I'll be set. I *hope* to have that done by the weekend, so... fingers crossed. :D

So, anyway. Yes. Now you know.


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